Practical work: Seek Honest Feedback

To kickstart your personal branding journey, I would encourage you to seek honest feedback from friends and business connections. This exercise will help you gain valuable insights into your current personal brand and how others perceive you.

  1. Compose a Message: Reach out to a select group of friends and business connections, explaining that you are embarking on a personal branding journey and would appreciate their honest feedback.
  2. Ask Specific Questions: Use the following template to guide their responses:
    • How do I come across to you in terms of my personality and communication style?
    • What are the qualities or characteristics that you find captivating or interesting about me?
    • Do you think I am relatable? If yes, why? If not, what could I improve?
    • What do you believe is my unique contribution to our community or industry?
  3. Thank and Reflect: Express gratitude for their feedback and take some time to reflect on their responses. Consider how their perceptions align with your self-perception and your goals for personal branding.
  4. Action Plan: Based on the feedback received, create an action plan to enhance your personal brand. Identify areas for improvement and set objectives to strengthen your brand.

By actively seeking feedback and reflecting on your personal brand, you’ll gain valuable insights and take a meaningful step toward building a strong and authentic personal brand. Remember that personal branding is not just about you; it’s about making a positive impact on those around you and contributing to a better society.