Practical work: Perfecting Your Expertise and Topics


Crafting Unique Topics and Content Formats

Let’s illustrate how you can apply these concepts with an example:

Example: Marketing & Branding Expert

Suppose you are an expert in marketing and branding, with a unique focus on neuromarketing and the psychology of consumer behaviour. Here’s how you can craft unique topics and utilise various content formats:


Unique Topics:

    • You identify three specific topics within neuromarketing:
      1. “The Influence of Colour Psychology in Branding”
      2. “The Subconscious Impact of Sound in Marketing”
      3. “Neuroscience Behind Consumer Decision-Making”


Content Formats:

  • Written Content:
      • For the first topic, you write a comprehensive article explaining how different colours affect consumer perceptions and choices. You back it up with research and case studies.
      • You conduct an interview with a leading expert in sound psychology for your second topic, turning it into a blog post.
      • You write a whitepaper on the third topic, providing a deep dive into the neurological processes that drive consumer decisions.
    • Audio Content:
      • You launch a podcast series where you discuss each of these topics in detail, inviting guest speakers to share their insights.
    • Video Content:
      • Create short explainer videos for social media, summarizing key points from your articles and podcasts.
      • Develop longer video presentations for webinars or online courses, delving into the intricacies of neuromarketing.


By crafting unique topics and leveraging various content formats, you expand your reach and establish yourself as a leading authority in neuromarketing and consumer psychology. Your expertise becomes more accessible and engaging to a diverse audience, enhancing your personal brand’s influence within your industry. Remember to consistently produce high-quality content to maintain your thought leadership status.