Practical work – Crafting your personal brand story


Craft Your Personal Branding Story

To develop a robust personal branding strategy using storytelling, follow these steps:

  1. Finding Your Purpose:
    • Reflect on your journey and identify the “why” behind your career or endeavors. What change or impact do you aspire to create? This should be a driving force in your storytelling.
  2. Build an Emotional Connection:
    • Craft your personal story, emphasising the experiences and challenges that led you to where you are today. Share these stories in a way that touches the hearts of your audience.
  3. Expertise Showcase:
    • Document your activities, achievements, and projects related to your field of expertise. Create case studies or narratives that demonstrate your skills and knowledge effectively.
  4. Define Your Messaging:
    • Develop a concise and compelling message that encompasses your vision, mission, and purpose. Ensure it conveys your expertise and the value you bring to your audience.
  5. Offering and the Target:
    • Clearly outline the solutions or services you offer and specify your target audience. Understand how you can help and tailor your messaging accordingly.


Example: Sarah, a Sustainability Advocate


  1.  Finding Your Purpose:
    • Sarah reflects on her journey and identifies her “why.” She’s passionate about sustainability and environmental preservation. Her purpose is to inspire positive change in her community and contribute to a greener future.
  1.  Build an Emotional Connection:
    • Sarah crafts her personal story, sharing her experiences growing up near a polluted river and witnessing its transformation after a community-led cleanup effort. She shares how this inspired her commitment to sustainability.
  1.  Expertise Showcase:
    • Sarah documents her activities, such as organising local cleanup events, initiating recycling programs, and volunteering with environmental organisations. She creates a compelling case study showcasing how her efforts led to tangible improvements in her community’s environment.
  1.  Define Your Messaging:
    • Sarah’s message becomes clear: “I’m on a mission to make our world greener, one community at a time. My expertise lies in environmental sustainability, and I’m here to help you take meaningful steps toward a more eco-friendly future.”
  1.  Offering and the Target:
    • Sarah specifies that she offers consulting services to individuals, businesses, and communities looking to adopt sustainable practices. Her target audience includes environmentally conscious individuals, small businesses, and local government agencies seeking guidance on sustainability initiatives.


By crafting and communicating your personal brand through storytelling, you’ll create a strong and authentic brand identity that resonates with your audience and distinguishes you as an expert in your field. Remember that a well-crafted personal brand strategy helps you connect with the right people and effectively convey the value you offer.