Practical work: Building Likability Privilege

Exercise: Cultivating a Giving Attitude

Objective: Foster a giving mindset that prioritises contributing value, support, and genuine connections within your professional network.

Materials Needed: Personal journal or digital document for reflection, list of upcoming industry events, contact list of peers and colleagues.

Part 1: Offer Your Expertise

  1. Inventory of Skills
    • List your areas of expertise and skills that could benefit others in your industry.
  2. Sharing Opportunities
    • Identify platforms where you can share your knowledge, such as LinkedIn, industry forums, or local meetup groups.
    • Plan and execute at least one activity where you volunteer your expertise, such as hosting a free webinar, writing an informative article, or conducting a workshop.
  3. Reflection
    • After sharing your expertise, reflect on the experience. How did it feel to contribute? What was the response from your audience?

Part 2: Mentorship and Support

  1. Mentorship Opportunities
    • Reach out to mentoring programs within your industry or offer informal mentorship to someone seeking guidance.
  2. Acts of Support
    • Identify colleagues or peers who may benefit from your support or encouragement. This could involve offering advice on a project, providing resources, or simply lending an ear to their concerns.
  3. Journaling
    • Record your mentorship and support activities, noting the impact on both the recipient and yourself.

Part 3: Networking Without Expectations

  1. Genuine Engagement
    • Attend an industry event with the primary goal of learning about others and understanding their needs. Make it a point to introduce yourself to new people without any immediate business agenda.
  2. Assistance and Referrals
    • Whenever you identify a need or challenge someone is facing, think about how you might help, whether through your own expertise or by connecting them with someone who can.
  3. Networking Reflection
    • After the event, reflect on the connections you made. How did approaching networking with a giving mindset alter your interactions and outcomes?

Part 4: Community Contribution

  1. Community Involvement
    • Select a community initiative or charity that resonates with your values. Plan how you can contribute, be it through volunteering, fundraising, or offering your professional skills.
  2. Contribution Experience
    • Engage in the planned community activity. Pay attention to the broader impact of your involvement and the connections you build through this shared experience.

Part 5: Feedback and Recognition

  1. Peer Recognition
    • Make an effort to acknowledge and celebrate the achievements of your peers publicly, whether through social media shoutouts, during team meetings, or in one-on-one conversations.
  2. Constructive Feedback
    • Offer thoughtful and constructive feedback when solicited, focusing on helping others grow and improve in their professional endeavours.
  3. Reflect on Reactions
    • Note the reactions and outcomes from giving recognition and feedback. How does this influence your relationships and network?

Continuous Practice: Likeability, built through a giving attitude, is cultivated over time. Regularly engage in these activities, making them a natural part of your professional interactions.

Review and Adjust: Periodically review your experiences and the impact of your giving attitude on your personal brand and likability. Adjust your approach as needed to ensure you’re providing value in a way that’s authentic and meaningful to you and beneficial to others.