Practical work: Brand development


You are not required to complete the tasks below now as I will provide more guidance in your 90-day plan. Feel free to come back here at the end of the programme.


Easy Approach:

  1. LinkedIn Profile Optimisation:
    • Update your LinkedIn profile to include a professional photo, a compelling headline, a well-written summary that highlights your expertise, and a detailed work history.
    • Incorporate keywords relevant to your field to make your profile easily discoverable by others in your industry.
  2. Content Creation:
    • Start by creating regular LinkedIn posts sharing tips, industry insights, or success stories related to digital marketing.
    • Gradually, move on to creating short video clips where you discuss key trends or offer quick tutorials.
    • Consider writing LinkedIn articles that delve deeper into specific topics, showcasing your thought leadership.

Moderate Approach:

  1. Speaking Engagements:
    • Research industry events or conferences related to digital marketing.
    • Identify speakers who have participated in these events in the past and connect with them through LinkedIn.
    • Offer to speak at events as a panellist or workshop leader to gain experience and visibility.
  2. Podcasting:
    • Create a podcast series where you interview fellow digital marketing experts and discuss emerging trends, strategies, and case studies.
    • Use Zencastr or Zoom for remote interviews and Buzzsprout for hosting your podcast. Consider either self-editing or hiring an editing team for high-quality production.
  3. Writing a Book:
    • Start by reaching out to industry influencers for pre-interviews, and gathering insights and anecdotes related to digital marketing.
    • Compile this valuable content into a book and self-publish it on platforms like Amazon Kindle.

By optimising your LinkedIn profile and consistently creating content, you’ll build credibility within your field. As you progress, speaking engagements, podcasting, and book writing will further establish your authority, making you a recognised expert in digital marketing. Remember to maintain a professional and engaging online presence to reinforce your personal brand identity.