Personal Branding Exercise: Enhancing Visual Identity: Get filming!


1. Self-Observation and Reflection

  • Objective: Understand and assess your current visual identity and how it aligns with your desired brand image.
  • Activity:
    1. Record a video of yourself. Make sure the recording captures your appearance, body language, and expressions.
    2. Don’t be too hard on yourself! Review the recording and take notes on your observations. Focus on aspects like body language, eye, smile, clothing style, how you carry yourself, and your interaction with the camera.

2. Visual Identity Analysis

  • Objective: Identify and define the key elements of your visual identity that align with your personal brand.
  • Activity:
    1. Based on the recording, list down the visual elements that you feel represent your brand (e.g., clothing style, mannerisms, workspace ambience).
    2. Reflect on how these elements correlate with your brand’s voice and personality traits. Are they consistent with the image you want to project?

3. Online Presence Revamp

  • Objective: Update your online profiles to reflect your refined visual identity and brand.
  • Activity:
    1. Take or select a professional headshot that resonates with your photography style and update your LinkedIn profile picture.
    2. Ensure your social media profiles, especially Instagram, are curated to display your best work and maintain visual consistency (e.g., use of colours, and themes).

4. Portfolio Development

  • Objective: Create an online portfolio that visually represents your brand and showcases your work.
  • Activity:
    1. When the time is right, you can design a personal website and/or update your existing one, incorporating your signature colours, fonts, and style.
    2. Organise your work into categories that best represent your brand.

5. Visual Content Strategy

  • Objective: Develop a strategy for sharing your work and engaging with your audience through consistent and compelling visual content. Detailed content strategy can be found in template sections
  • Activity:
    1. Plan a content calendar for your social media profiles, focusing on sharing work and telling a story or highlighting your unique perspective.
    2. Engage with your audience by creating visually appealing posts, using your brand colours and maintaining a consistent style across all platforms.

Continuous Refinement

  • Objective: Understand that building a personal brand is an ongoing process.
  • Activity:
    1. Regularly review and refine your visual identity and online presence based on feedback and evolving personal style.
    2. Stay updated with trends and adapt your brand accordingly, ensuring it remains relevant.

By following this exercise, you’ll be able to craft a strong and cohesive visual identity that reflects your personal brand, helping you stand out in a competitive field. Remember, consistency and authenticity are key to building a successful personal brand.