The Branding and Neuromarketing Programme

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The Branding and Neuromarketing Programme


What you will learn in this branding and neuromarketing programme

  1. Understand what elements are part of a brand DNA
  2. The brand formula to successfully develop a brand that attracts dream stakeholders
  3. How to effectively develop the foundation of a brand which attracts and retains customers
  4. The difference between purpose, vision and mission and how to define yours
  5. How to effectively position your brand to distinguish it effectively from the competition
  6. Discover the best positioning to choose to engage more prospects than your competition
  7. Create a memorable and attractive brand story that people love
  8. Create a brand culture that resonates external stakeholders and internal stakeholders
  9. How to conceptualise a memorable and attractive brand logo that people love
  10. Understand the psychology colours so you can make the right decisions when rebranding or creating a new brand
  11. How to effectively build a strong and relevant value proposition your prospects want
  12. How to price effectively to maximise the value of each client interaction
  13. How to create a buzz around your brand
  14. How to fast grow your prospect database
  15. Brand activities you can put in place to create the most engagement
  16. What brand psychology strategies are effective
  17. Create a following of faithful individuals who buy from you frequently
  18. Beyond Marketing activities to create the most engagement
  19. How to create your brand ecosystem to increase your client lifetime value
  20. Create your legacy using your existing skills and expertise
  21. Create a following of faithful advocates
  22. Activities you can put in place to engage stakeholders
  23. How to communicate effectively to attract and retain clients
  24. How to be the brand a customer will always choose first even when consumers are more price-sensitive
  25. The step by step to successfully transform your business into an iconic brand
  26. How to attract more clients through networking
  27. How to raise your personal brand profile
  28. How to increase your social engagement
  29. How to become a client lead magnet using social media 
  30. And new content added regularly!
  31. Ongoing support! 

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