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How Does It Work?

You will gain access to over a months worth of content in the form of video training sessions, along with step-by-step instructions that show you exactly how to execute the materials. Each workshop comes with additional premium training materials such as worksheets and templates. When you finish you get a shiny certificate of completion too!

What Should I Expect?

The Best Part?

Whether you’re experience with branding and marketing or a newbie, you’ll get access to my proven brand strategy, and a design and marketing campaign blueprint so that you can quickly grow your brand.

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 Professional Training Workshops

£9,876 Value

High quality content is instantly available for you to watch once you enroll. You can jump right into the strategies and see the results instantly.

Professional Templates & Workbooks

£950 Value

High quality templates and workbooks developed by our London award-winning branding and marketing agency.

90 day plan to grow your brand

£375 Value

We will share with you our step by step action plan to successfully launch or relaunch your brand and get attention from prospects, media and other stakeholders.

By the end of my branding and neuromarketing course, YOU will make smart business decisions like a brand strategist

What Kind of Results Can I Expect?

How Has This Class Helped its Past Students?

Are You Able to Generate Sales Whilst Also Building a Successful Brand?

Most people believe that you need a marketing team, a huge budget or the best product on the market to become a client magnet. However, what you really need is a great brand and strong prospecting strategy. We humans don’t like to take unnecessary risks and that’s why when we face too many choices we feel safe in brands we trust.

My clients, big and small, have achieved their business objectives with the smart brand strategies I have shared in this course.

You, too, can achieve the same brand success and more, even if:

  • You don’t have a huge branding or marketing budget
  • You don’t have a support team
  • You have no prior knowledge in marketing and branding
  • You don’t have much time at your disposal

I’m Flavilla Fongang
Why me?

I’m Flavilla Fongang – Your Brand Coach

I’m so excited to be your brand coach and share with you how I have helped businesses scale their brand internationally. I am neuroscience brand expert and international speaker. I am the founder of 3 Colours Rule, an award-winning branding and marketing agency. I have worked with brands such as BBC, HSBC, Facebook, Vodafone, Suzuki and many more.

My Education: I have a BA in Marketing & Communication & a MA in International Business.


A Summary of What You'll Get When you join my branding & marketing course, you will get instant access to all the course workshops, downloadable files, support, and much more.

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