Become a Recognised Leader and Magnetise Opportunities

Join me, Flavilla Fongang, an award-winning strategist with over 15 years of experience, and embark on a transformative journey to elevate your personal brand and unlock unparalleled opportunities

Discover Your Strengths

Identify and leverage your unique traits to stand out in any industry.

Master Storytelling

Create compelling narratives that captivate and inspire your audience.

Build Trust and Visibility

Learn the secrets to expanding your professional network and becoming a trusted voice in your field.

Why Choose My Programme?

My name is Flavilla Fongang, a seasoned entrepreneur featured on BBC and other global media. I've worked with giants like Meta, Google, and Accenture, founded multiple successful companies, and been invited to speak on the world’s largest stages. My journey from Paris to London, without knowing English, taught me the power of personal branding, which I now share through this program..


What You’ll Gain?

  • Comprehensive Tools and Templates: Everything you need to confidently build and maintain a standout brand.
  • Strategic Clarity: Crystal-clear direction for your brand, ensuring all your efforts align with your goals.
  • Content Creation Mastery: Learn to produce engaging content that attracts and retains your ideal audience.
  • Tailored Action Plan: A step-by-step guide to help you set and achieve your personal and professional milestones.
  • Effective Networking Skills: Techniques to expand your network and open doors to new opportunities.

Some of the Media I've Been Feature

I have been in leadership roles for more than 15 years and while working with global brands such as Meta, Google or Accenture. I know how to grow engaging communities, improve social governance and so much more. 

What Previous Clients Say About Me

Chiedozie Hez

Founder & CEO at ChakaPay

“I hired Flavilla to help me create a personal brand and she went straight to work, beyond whatever I have experienced in my nearly 20 years experience. She took time to understand my career journey and asked very clever questions which resulted in unbelievable outcomes for example, I got clarity on my core strengths, steps to achieve what I aim to and step by step actionable tips one of which improved my LinkedIn views by over 100% within just 1 week. I have also had so many relevant leads get in touch to discuss opportunities. Now I feel very confident that I will achieve my goals.”

Kezia Daley

Senior Associate at Winckworth Sherwood LLP

“Flavilla is a creative genius. I did not realise how important colour was in marketing and branding, until working with Flavilla. Colours are more than just a visual aid because colours convey emotions, feelings and experiences. Flavilla is amazing at what she does and truly makes you understand the importance of branding and its power in developing your business and attracting the type and level of clients you want.”

Rikki Lear

Company Director at LC Communications T/A Vodaphone UK

“Flavilla is award-winning for a reason. In our brief time discussing my business plan, and what I want for my team in the coming months and years, what I gained was clarity, some focus and direction. In a short space of time, Flavilla immediately understood how to cut-through to what was important and help me focus on my personal brand, as well as the key activities that will help to drive my business forward. I would thoroughly recommend speaking with this incredibly talented person.”


Build your visibility and credibility

What should you expect to get from this programme?

Happy business people discussing and smiling while walking together outdoor

Time to get the success you deserve

What Previous Customers Have Said About My Training

Lucia Garcia

Marketing Manager at iManage

I finished my class with Flavilla and it helped with my specialized marketing campaigns!

Hi Flavilla, I just finished watching the course about branding and I totally loved it. I am a Marketing professional willing to specialize in branding campaigns and it was very useful. It would be great to be part of your network. Thanks!

Felipe Borelli

Consultant at Match | Marketing Tech

Hi, Flavilla! I just wanted to share that I’ve taken your course on branding it was really great! I’m about to start a clothing brand and it really helped get clear about the branding aspect (specially the brand soul part!)

 Thanks a lot

Agnieszka Loureiro-Pelc

CEO & Founder at DeeD

Flavilla’s expertise, energy, and enthusiast was thrilling and contagious. :). I’m just starting my own consulting agency, all about strategy and branding. You become my inspiration. Warm regards from Lisbon.

Jon Simmonds

Social media management & consultancy | CEO at Rocket Science

Flavilla ran an initial brand assessment for me and instantly pinpointed several key issues and areas for improvement, both with the overall branding and the website. I am very impressed with her innate understanding of what makes a brand great, as opposed to merely good. Her energy and enthusiasm are infectious and inspired me to take immediate action. I would thoroughly recommend Flavilla

Léone Ouedraogo

Senior Journalist – TV Presenter – Team Leader at BBC Africa/BBC Afrique

“It is always a pleasure to collaborate with Flavilla. She is one of the main contributors to our program and the team enjoy very much working with her. Her very likable personality and her expertise make her a favorite of our audience. Very professional and always meeting the deadline, she brings a little “je ne sais quoi”

Cecil Adjalo

Yahoo Finance EMPower Top 100 Ethnic Minority Executives 2020 | Director of Hiberus UK

“Flavilla has been invited a couple of times on speaking on sales strategy, branding, and networking for Foundervine. She has always come across as vibrant, and fun but still maintaining an air of professionalism. The audience love her and hangs on every word of solid advice and experience. There is no doubt that she is a top performer that always delivers.”

This Programme will equip you with the skills you need to take action and get results


90-Day Action Plan

This Action Plan provides a structured approach to building and enhancing your personal brand, with specific tasks and deliverables that lead to measurable progress. endless opportunities.

Personal Brand Fundamentals

1 – What is your personal brand?
2 – Seeking honest feedback

Personal Brand Development

1 – Creating your brand story
2 – Setting business and impact goals
3 – How do you define and create your topics of expertise
4 – Creating your portfolio 
5 – Brand identity
6 – Filming
7 – Brand development – Easy to moderate
8 – Brand development – Moderate to Advance
9 – Why video matters
10 – Content creation
11 – 10 steps to finding speaking gigs
12 – How to craft your speaking profile pitch
13 – How to build your community
14 – How to best use social media platforms 
15 – How to be magnetic
16 – How to develop your likability privilege
17 – Dealing with imposter syndrome and handling criticism 
18 – Recognising your achievements

Personal Branding Tools and Techniques

1- Tech Tools for personal branding 
2 – How to use LinkedIn effectively
3 – How to use Chat GPT effectively

Templates & Prompts

Use all my templates and prompts to help you achieve results and success with less effort

It’s not a course. It is designed as a workshop for you to take action as you learn with me

Yes! I designed this programme for every professional with the desire to achieve more with ease.

Yes! Commitment. Nothing worth comes easy so you have to be consistent to achieve what is waiting for you. 

The video content will take a couple of hours to complete but you will need to spend time working on everything I will share with you. All together 5-9 weeks.

No because this is not a course but a programme.

There is indeed support available from a dedicated support team. If you would like one to one mentoring support, contact my team. It costs between £3,000 to 5,000 + VAT per month for our bespoke mentoring and personal branding service.

Yes! The programme offers a no-questions-asked 7 day money-back guarantee but so far no one as asked for it.